Why Did No One Tell Homeowners About This "Golden Ticket?"

Closely inspect your mortgage bill before you pay it.
April 26, 2017

Two shocking studies prove that homeowners significantly overpaid on their mortgages. And it has banks on edge.

3.4 million refinanced with the free program, HARP®. For those owing about $200,000 on their home, they saved $291 a month on average.1 Differing mortgage amounts save homeowners more or less, but the catch is that this program by the Federal Housing Finance Agency is set to expire December 2018.

That's why California homeowners comparing March's rates are excited to try to qualify for this government plan (this service has A+ from the BBB2). Because many middle class homes are saving $2,500 a year, Thrifty Homeowners calls this "The Forgotten Stimulus Plan."

Eased credit standards,3 a housing boom, but expected rate hikes show that now is the perfect time to lock in lower payments. If lower payments or a shorter mortgage term appeals to you, now is the time to act.

Summary: Because the government wants to avoid housing market troubles, the Home Affordable Refinance Program helps homeowners get lower payments or pay off their mortgage faster. This free government program is set to expire December 2018.
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Even if you don't qualify for HARP, at least check what your new mortgage payment could be because those that refinanced without it – saved $208 a month on average.1
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"The Forgotten Stimulus Plan"

This is a plan that banks aren't too happy about. It is recommended that you shop multiple lenders, and you're not limited to your current lender's rate. This means many homeowners are quiting their current mortgage.

It's not a great deal for banks, but homeowners couldn't be more thrilled with many easy qualifications:6

  • No new or additional mortgage insurance required
  • Loan-to-value ratio at least 80%
  • Limited or no delinquencies over the last 12 months

Those that qualified, on average saved $291 a month, but even those that didn't qualify... shaved $208 off their monthly payments.1

There are 133 U.S. banks -- which lender will give you a low rate?

The rule to find a low rate is simple. Try to save at least $2,500 within a year by comparing rates from a vast network of lenders (using all available discounts and free government programs).

  • 1 How much do you owe on your home?
  • 2 What is your zipcode?


Average payment dropped $291 with HARP, but even those that didn't qualify still saved $208 a month by refinancing1

This forgotten stimulus program by the FHFA and US Treasury has helped millions that owe less than $625k on their mortgage. Additionally, the housing boom has given lenders confidence so they've lowered their credit standards. Good credit homeowners may get payments similar to those with excellent credit. If you owe at least $100k on your home, we found a very high number of competitive rates.

  • 1 How much do you owe on your home?
  • 2 What is your zipcode?

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